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A deep cut, wound, or abscess can be alarming, and proper treatment is essential to ensure it doesn’t become infected. At Summitview Urgent Care in Yakima, Washington, you can rest assured that fast, affordable care is within reach. The urgent care center is home to many emergency room-trained providers who can evaluate and treat cuts and other skin wounds quickly. Call or schedule an appointment online today to learn more.

Cuts Q & A

What are cuts?

Cuts are injuries to the skin that occur when a sharp object slices into the tissue. While most cuts heal on their own without medical intervention, some require additional care. Knowing the warning signs of a cut that needs professional treatment can reduce your risk of infection, accelerate healing, and minimize your chances of scarring.

If you suffer a deep cut or wound that requires immediate attention, Summitview Urgent Care has you covered. The urgent care center is open seven days a week and welcomes walk-ins, so you don’t need to schedule an appointment to get the care you need.

Are there different types of cuts?

There are multiple types of cuts, but the most common are:


A laceration is a jagged wound made by a sharp or blunt object. It can penetrate deeply through the tissue and cause extensive bleeding.


Punctures are small, deep wounds that occur when a sharp object perforates the skin. A puncture wound can develop when you step on a needle, nail, or another long, thin item.


Abrasions occur when the skin scrapes against a rough surface. While abrasions don’t typically penetrate deeply, they can cause severe surface damage to the skin and leave scarring.


An incision is a controlled wound that typically happens during surgery. Straight, sharp objects, such as knives or razors, can also cause incisions.


An avulsion is a complete skin tear that damages the surface and underlying tissue. Avulsions can be severe and often require emergency care.

Along with cuts, the physicians at Summitview Urgent Care provide abscess care. An abscess is a wound filled with pus. Treating an abscess before it ruptures is essential to protect your skin from infection.

How are cuts treated?

The treatment your doctor recommends depends on the severity and location of your cut. Before you visit the clinic, clean and sterilize your cut with warm water and antibacterial soap. You may be able to stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the wound with a bandage or clean cloth. If your bleeding doesn’t stop, you may need stitches or staples. 

Your doctor may apply topical ointment or prescribe oral antibiotics if you have a deep wound or abscess. Your Tetanus immunization may be updated if required. 

Call Summitview Urgent Care today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about cuts and other skin wounds.